Meet our team

We are a creative collaboration of mental health and wellbeing professionals. Our strength as a team lies in our mutual enthusiasm for our work, complimentary skills and expertise, along with the joy of working together. 


Amanda Wilson is a born teacher with a passion for personal growth and development. She loves the creative process, incorporating it every part of her life.

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Kara Pierson is passionate about empowering others. Filtering her expertise through a creative lens, she has a natural ability to connect and inspire personal growth.

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Michelle James is our multi-talented Program Coordinator. You will find her working on programming, facilitating groups and managing the office. She comes from a background in Social Services and is vocal advocate for caring for the caregivers.


Georgia Fullerton lights up a room with her zest for life and art!  Owner of JustGeorgia - Expressive Arts to Heal the Heart, she joins our INSPIRE to Thrive team, bringing her expertise as a professional artist alongside her passion for helping people.