How it works

a creative cross training experience

A dynamic 4-hour program experience in a station-to-station layout rotation. Exercises for the heart and mind. Participants experience activities to support personal growth, emotional flexibility and self-awareness.

movement through stations

We use body based activities, visual arts, word play, as well as music and sound. Activities catering to the individual participants, offering skills and insights, are led by qualified facilitators in a supportive group setting.

spark imagination and play

Our program takes participants away from their adult responsibilities. They find a place to rediscover or enhance their creativity and imagination in a fun, open and non-judgmental environment.

promotes self reflection

Interactive activity doesn't just mean participants are getting their hands dirty. Our professional facilitators guide the learning experience through conversation, helping individuals discover their own needs and wants.

why it works

immediate benefits in real time


The first thing people notice about INSPIRE to Thrive is how quickly they relax. And have fun! Becoming quickly engaged, they enjoy the immediate mental and physical benefits of participation. Time and worries disappear for the duration of the workshop. 

personalized experience in a group setting


Individuals direct their own experience within this program, getting a fully personalized experience tailored to their wants and needs. The larger group works together to support and learn from one another; sharing thoughts, feelings, ideas and encouragement.

gain skills to use at work and home


The experiences in INSPIRE to Thrive are designed to be carried forward in all areas of life. Gaining: improved communication and cooperation skills; taking on challenges; pushing out of one's comfort zone; and a reminder to take the time to play.

improved team cohesion in the workplace


Teams create bonds and increased connections after participating in INSPIRE to Thrive. When we understand our peers and see how they work, we increase empathy understanding and reduce conflict.

investment in something meaningful that works


Invest in a program that works for you and your team! We understand the value of your dollar. Don't buy into programs that only appeal to a few of your team members. Bring something customized for all!  

promotion of healthy workplace culture


Encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing helps employers build morale and boost job satisfaction. Offering your team programming that they will enjoy speaks volumes about their value!

less talk. more play.


Our workplace wellbeing program has everyone asking for more!

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INSPIRE to Thrive

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