Benefits of Creativity

When most people think of creativity, they think of painting, drawing and being "artistic". The word creativity can be intimidating.  Our perspective of creativity includes anything that comes from the individual and is theirs alone.  Imagination, problem solving, spontaneity, humour, play and improvising are all creative endeavors.

Creativity is interwoven in how we work with individuals and organizations, and can be a part of your every day life.

Research has shown that being creative changes our brain chemistry, thus improving mental health and well being.  As a result, some benefits include reduced stress, decreased anxiety, an increased positive outlook and a creation of space to experience difficult emotions. 

Our Approach

When words don't work, Bodhi Wellbeing uses creative forms of expression. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs are known to have an effect on the health and well being of our bodies.  At Bodhi Wellbeing, we use these forms of expression to strengthen the mind-body connection.

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