Bodhi Wellbeing brings creativity and wellbeing together.

We believe wellbeing is when a person is both feeling and experiencing the world around them at their best. We approach wellbeing as the cultivation of the various parts of a person: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health, through creativity. To feel and function at our best means nurturing each smaller part to take care of the whole self. 

We here at Bodhi Wellbeing are not ‘Big C’ artists. We believe that you don’t have to be an artist or experience grand, break-through ideas to be creative; creativity belongs to everyone.  We are inspired by what is around us and the people with whom we interact; what we see and where we go. Creativity can be found in our (seemingly) small ideas that come to us spontaneously. It is about our ability to problem solve, adapt to change and approach our experiences with open minds. With ‘small c’ creativity, the possibilities are boundless!

Bodhi Wellbeing values the evidence that suggests being creative can enhance wellbeing. The positive effects are significant: improved moods, feeling more energized, increased relaxation and decreased stress. Utilizing creativity can help us find new ways to conquer challenges and reduce the stresses associated with change. Adding creativity into your daily routine, no matter how simple it seems, not only gives you an immediately good feeling but extends positive emotions beyond. We can help you tap into your inner ‘small c’ creator.

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