Accommodating Stress

Don't fight it.  Make room for it.

  At Bodhi Wellbeing, we believe that stress is at the root of many mental health and wellbeing concerns. Challenging life issues increase stress in our lives: from managing anxiety and depression symptoms; to recovering from change or loss; or navigating relationship difficulties.   

Using creative self-exploration and evidence-based therapeutic approaches, we offer opportunities to help you develop skills and strategies; increasing your resilience and ability to cope with the challenges and resulting stress you face in your life.   

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Amanda Wilson, RP (Qualifying)


Individual Counselling

Body-based techniques for personal growth and healing

Amanda supports individuals struggling with symptoms of trauma, PTSD, grief, anxiety and depression.

As a former paramedic, Amanda brings a unique perspective to the therapeutic process and may present different viewpoints than other therapists.  Having experienced what it is like to make tough decisions and, at times, feel helpless, she has personally dealt with the overwhelming symptoms that can arise in the aftermath of being involved with a traumatic event.     

Amanda is a student of Somatic Experiencing® and uses the physical reactions associated with trauma to help you process your past.  Amanda also uses Cognitive and Mindfulness techniques which work directly with thoughts, emotions, mindfulness and meditation. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact Amanda at

905-424-0234 or

For more information, follow the link below.

Kara Pierson, RP (Qualifying)


Individual, Couples and Adolescent Counselling

Creative approaches to healing, growth & realizing goals

Kara specializes in challenging life transitions and accompanying relationship issues, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, stress or anger. 

Kara approaches therapeutic work through her personal life experience and the helping profession lens, after years working in humanitarian aid and international education.  Using creative processes and self-exploration, she has processed her attachment to her humanitarian aid identity, healed from compassion fatigue and opened herself up to self-compassion. 


Kara brings creativity and life coaching skills into her therapy practice to meet clients where they are at. She values a flexible and holistic process and clients reaching their goals. She uses drawing, writing, sandtray, Hakomi, mindfulness techniques and such talk therapies as EFT, CBT, ACT, DBT, solutions-focused, narrative.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Kara at

905-809-8122 or

For more information, follow the link below.


Bodhi Wellbeing offers a variety of group formats.  Groups can be beneficial to mental health and wellness.  In our safe and confidential setting, group members increase awareness and understanding about their challenges; learn new tools for recovery; and gain support, encouragement and validation from one another.    

Our groups are facilitated by our two Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying) and a Registered Social Services Worker who have decades of experience in education, social services, humanitarian aid and pre-hospital emergency care.

Groups Calendar

Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic groups are for people seeking positive change. Individuals increase self awareness around unhealthy habits and behaviors, as well as develop strategies and coping skills. 

Therapeutic groups are closed; all members begin at the same time and work together for the length of the program.  These groups are psychoeducational and structured in nature.

Current therapeutic groups offered at Bodhi Wellbeing include our Psychological Trauma and Acute Stress Group, and Anger Management.

Current Therapeutic Groups

Support Groups

Support groups help people cope with difficult issues and challenges. Group members share their stories, offer encouragement and understanding, as well as exchange ideas for healthy coping techniques. Through support, group members often reduce feelings of isolation, pain, fear, and loss. 

Support groups are open; members may join in at any time. They are less structured than the other group formats.

We currently offer Supporting Parents, Supporting Children group for parents or guardians raising adolescents/young adults with mental health issues.

Current Support Groups


Workshops are groups that run for one to three sessions with clear learning goals.  Content covers various topics and helps group members acquire complementary skills and techniques.

Workshops may be open or closed groups, depending on the length and content.  

Bodhi Wellbeing presents our Wellness Series workshop bi-monthly. Seasonal workshops, such as our Summer Tune Up and Coping with Winter Blues, are offered throughout the year.

Upcoming Workshops



Improving Workplace Mental Health

Bodhi Wellbeing will support your business through the promotion of mental health and well being of your greatest asset, your people!  A happier, healthier workforce increases productivity, employee satisfaction and benefits the bottom line.

One size does not fit all.  We offer practical, evidence-based solutions, customized to your business needs.  


We believe the best results come from a collaborative approach to meet the needs of your organization.   

This is a multi-step process which entails research and planning.  We will assess and evaluate the needs of your organization through various processes.  

Reviewing the efficacy of current programming (if applicable), we build on to existing content and structures.

Once needs are identified, we plan and present cost-effective and custom designed solutions for your organization.

Program Development and Implementation

Post-review and identification of needs,

 a relevant plan is created in a consultative manner, 

with organizational stake-holders. 

With program delivery comes continual reflection, feedback and process monitoring, adjusted as necessary.


Research has shown that organizations benefit from on-going, multi-mode approaches to building capacity such as training, peer-support and mentoring.  

For example, we offer:

  • mental health risk assessment
  • stigma reduction 
  • psychological first aid
  • identifying and coping with burnout

Workshops and Seminars

We offer ready-made workshops and seminars; as well as custom presentations based on your needs. 

Topics such as: 

  • stress management
  • healthy workplace communication
  • self-care strategies

Coaching and Facilitation

We offer coaching as a goal-oriented process that offers on-going guidance and support to individuals or teams within your organization.

 Areas may include:

  • motivation
  • identification of goals
  • navigating organizational transitions

Support Services

These services may be offered as a stand-alone or in tandem with custom programming, targeting your organization's specific needs.    

Types of support include:


  • critical incidence response
  • presenting preexisting program material