Creative wellbeing specialists

groups and workshops in durham region

creative programs to improve and support personal wellbeing and professional performance

  • INSPIRE to Thrive! Our flagship workplace wellbeing workshop, brought to you, for groups ranging in size from 6 to 45! Improve  team relationships through a fun, interactive program that enhances communication and collaboration skills 
  • Community speaking engagements; sharing how creativity can help individuals manage stress and create more balance
  • Monthly support groups for caregivers
  • Self-care workshops, offered at various times through the year

All groups and workshops are developed and led by qualified facilitators. We offer evidence-based programming using creative tools and methods.

benefits of creativity in wellbeing

Stress management


  • Being creative can distract us from anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Pleasurable activities stimulate feel-good chemicals in our brain
  • Creative outlets help manage difficult feelings and emotions that are hard to put into words

Improved Focus


  • Being consciously creative has calming effects, similar to meditation, on the brain and body
  • Switching back and forth between tasks forces you to reset your thinking; giving you a fresh perspective each time you get back to the challenge at hand

sense of accomplishment


  • Creating something new gives us a sense of pride
  • Completing a creative activity can feel triumphant which can motivate us to tackle further challenges
  • Having a creative hobby or go-to self care activity adds to a sense of balance in your life

but what if i'm not a creative person?

We are all creative in our own unique way. 

Creativity often happens in small, yet meaningful, ways that don't get much attention during the day to day of our busy lives.

We break down creativity into two different categories: BIG C Creativity, which is what you imagine when you think of an artist painting on a canvas or an inventor creating a new gadget.  And small c creativity, the kind we use in our groups and workshop programming. It means being inspired by what we see around us. Supporting ourselves and others in ways that encourage spontaneous, free-thinking which helps us solve problems, adapt to change and approach new things with an open mind. 

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